Cowboy Action Range Closed

Benchrest League

Calendar General
Event Date May 8 6:00 PM
Location100 Yard Range

Start Date: May 8th. @6:00 PM. 100 Yd. Range
Shoot dates:

  • May 8th. 15th. 22nd. 29th. 100yd.
  • June 5th. 12th. 19th. 26th. 200 yd.
  • July 3rd. 10th. 17th. 24th. 300yd.

Wednesday evenings, Start time @ 6:00PM.

Rifle Classes:

  • Open-unlimited weight and scope magnification-Maximum .30 Caliber.
  • Hunter-6 Power max. scope-.243 Caliber Minimum.
  • Varmint-20 Power max. scope- under .243 Caliber.

Restrictions: Bolt action or break open single shot only, NO MUZZLE BRAKES.
Members only. Ear and eye protection required.
Fee's: $40.00 for 12 week season, or $5.00 per shoot. All dates weather dependant.